We Can Hope

One day, a man was walking on a beach and saw a small Alladin‟s lamp poking out of the sand. Impulsively, he picked it up and rubbed it. Lo and behold, a genie appeared and said, “Thank you for releasing me. As a reward, I will grant you one wish. Choose carefully.”

After a moment‟s thought, the man replied, “O Genie. I love Hawaii but I’m terrified of flying. I wish for an eight lane highway between California and Hawaii, so I could drive back and forth.” The genie responded, “Sir, that‟s impossible. It can’t be done. Ask for something else.”

Considering further, the man said, “Okay. I wish that both parties in Congress and the White House would put the national interest above partisan considerations.”


After a silent moment, the genie inquired, “How many lanes did you want?”

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