Top Torah Resources

Background and historical information on the Torah

The Jewish Bible: A JPS Guide A wonderful overview of the Torah, historical background, in an easy to read and yet very comprehensive format. Click here to see the page about the book. You can also preview the book with Google Preview.  

Translations of the Torah

The JPS Torah Commentary:

Reference Section of our Library
Traditional Hebrew Text with New JPS Translation.
This translation has commentary written by some of the greatest Biblical Scholars.
The Torah: A Modern Commentary
Call Number 222.1
This translation includes commentary and longer articles of interest.
Author: Gunther Plaut. Publisher: New York. Union of American Hebrew Congregations. Publication Date: 1981.
The Five Books of Moses
Call Number 222.105
This translation follows the poetic language of the Hebrew rather than being a strict word by word translation.
Author: Everett Fox
Publisher: New York Schocken Books Publication Date: 1995
The Torah: A Women’s Commentary
Call Number 222.107
Publisher: New York URJ Press and Women of Reform Judaism Publication Date: 2008.
Includes the text of the Pentateuch in Hebrew and English plus feminist criticism. The articles are written by the outstanding female biblical Scholars of today.
Torah Study Aides
A Torah Commentary of Our Times
Call Number R222.107 FIE
Author Harvey Fields. Publisher: New York UAHC Press Publication Date 1991.
Teaching Torah: A Treasury of Insights and Activities
Call Number 222.106 LOE
Author: Sorel Goldberg Loeb. Publisher: Denver Colorado A.R.E. Presss Publication Date 1997
Online Resources
The Union for Reform Judaism has a collection of commentaries on each of the Torah portions of the week. You can sign up to receive these lessons by email or you may view the archive. Once you reach this page look under the Torah Study Section.
My Jewish Learning is a non- denominational website devoted to serious learning on a variety of subjects. There are a variety of perspectives presented. They are written on a scale from basic to more complex. It is a very user friendly website.
3) Parshat HaShavuah (The Torah Portion of the week) written by Rabbi Bradley Artson, the dean of the Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies in California. His commentaries tend to focus on both practical and spiritual subjects. Click on the tab on the left side that says Torah.
4) This is a fun website for children. There are a variety of games and activites to complete. Each week they have a short video on the Torah portion. This is appropriate for children 8 and over.
5) The American Jewish World Service provides a weekly Torah commentary exploring themes of social justice which emerge from the parshah.