Together We Rise: TWA and Joanna Wyner of Breadlove

00:15:30 Jennifer Gray: So nice to see everyone!
00:16:12 Kathryn Sebo: I agree with Jennifer…. wonderful to see everyone.
00:30:45 Kathryn Sebo: brava Rabbi Dadoun
00:31:05 Amy Budish: Lovely intro!
00:31:19 Melinda Silver: Thank you, Rabbi!
00:37:02 Karen Schiller: type your questions for Joanna here!
00:37:42 Stacy Astrove: This is maybe for the end, but is it okay to freeze dough?
00:40:35 Jennifer Gray: that looks GORGEOUS
00:41:52 Amy Budish: About How long were your ropes?
00:42:21 Leslie Moss: Can you show the folding/braiding again?
00:43:16 Jennifer Gray: Would you be able to put that cinnamon sugar mix recipe here for us?
00:44:35 Karen Schiller: 1 duo Brwn sugar
00:44:40 Karen Schiller: 1/2 C white sugar
00:44:44 Karen Schiller: 4 t cinn
00:45:12 Karen Schiller: 4T raisens
00:45:16 Karen Schiller: dash salt
00:45:50 Laurie Goetz: Was the egg wash just egg yolk and water or whole egg and water?
00:46:16 Karen Schiller: forget the raisins, 3T flour
00:46:39 Kathryn Sebo: true confessions- never had to “plump my raisins”. how does one go about “plumping thy raisins?”
00:50:47 Amy Budish: botox?! 🙂
00:50:51 Idk phone: I believe put in water
00:55:39 Amy Budish: You make it look so easy!! Clearly practice makes perfect!
00:59:54 judy chalfin: going back to beginning of making dough how can you be sure yeast is goo
01:00:07 judy chalfin: good
01:00:35 Amy Budish: Have you ever used honey instead of sugar at Rosh Hashanah? If so, does it need more flour Also what’s the difference in flavor/texture between eggless and egg challah?
01:00:40 Courtney Phillips: is the elbow brace a kneeding injury? 😂
01:02:12 Marcy O’Connell: Beautiful!!
01:02:12 Stefanie: one more time???
01:02:39 Courtney Phillips: we need play doh
01:03:12 Amy Budish: babka!
01:03:22 Melanie Halvorson: babka!
01:04:18 Marcy O’Connell: Do you use the egg wash for all fillings or just cinnamon?
01:04:41 Melinda Silver: Your Chocolate Nutella Babka is delicious!
01:04:52 Karen Schiller: We might be able to run over our time a bit if you want to see demonstrations again
01:06:06 Marcy O’Connell: What are the approximate dimensions of the rectangle you roll out for making stuffed challah?
01:07:48 Jennifer Gray: quick question
01:08:09 Jennifer Gray: when the dough is resting after being rolled out – is it supposed to be covered?
01:08:25 Kathryn Sebo: so are you saying that when you poke the challah….the slower it recovers from the poke…that means t is more ready?
01:08:27 Amy Budish: In your recipe, I see you don’t proof your yeast separately before adding it to the flour. If you’re not sure of your yeast can you test?
01:13:09 Courtney Phillips: did I miss egg wash or not for babka?
01:13:56 Melinda Silver: She did not use egg wash before spreading the Nutella
01:15:22 Kathryn Sebo: I’m hungry
01:15:26 Melinda Silver: What size loaf pan do you use?
01:17:43 Kathryn Sebo: this was wonderful. thank you TWA, the committee, thank you Joanna💜
01:17:55 Stacy Astrove: So much fun!! 🙂
01:17:56 Jennifer Gray: wow!!
01:18:25 Kathryn Sebo: ummmm Ed??? Amazing.
01:18:48 Marlene Whitman: Wow Ed! Beautiful!
01:20:13 Gary Bilchik: thank you. this was great and very informative. see myself rewatching the video for your great braiding techniques.
01:21:14 Gary Bilchik: Beautiful inlaid board!
01:22:46 Debbie Phelan: do you use an egg wash on top of the challah as well as for the cinnamon filling?
01:23:23 Margie Moskovitz: Beautiful, inspiring demo, Joanna
01:25:21 Staci and Amanda: Thank you so much! This was very fun, and my house smells delicious!!!
01:25:28 Amy Budish: Agree!! What a beautiful way to combine doing good and providing a wonderful treat for challah lovers ! Thank you!
01:27:30 Erica Wilkov: Thank you! This was fantastic and very helpful!!
01:27:34 Margie Moskovitz: what about sugar/water topping to put on babka. Do you boil it together for a little bit
01:30:49 Jennifer Gray: great hosting, Karen!!
01:30:53 Melissa Levering: Thank you!!!
01:30:53 Jennifer Gray: Thank you
01:31:00 Stacy Astrove: Thank you!!
01:31:03 Debbie Phelan: this was so much fun….thank you!
01:31:03 Marcy O’Connell: Karen, thank you for being a great emcee!!
01:31:19 Pam: thank you