Chai Learning

Welcome 7-12 Graders!

We are so excited to be back for our Monday evening experience. Your clergy and Temple family are committed to giving our teens a meaningful journey where we explore compelling ideas that is reserved for post B’nai Mitzvah students. As Jewish adults, our teens will engage in sophisticated global concepts, be enriched by safe and fruitful dialogue and partake in conversations around the questions they’ve always wondered about.

The best part is we’re going to do all of this (safely) and in- person!

2021-2022 Class Topics

7th grade: Under the guidance of Regina Krieger and Gregg Levine, the seventh graders will be studying current topics of keen interest ripped from the headlines. The curriculum was developed by The Jewish Educators Center with outstanding resources that the students can choose to delve into as they personally have an interest.  All the topics will be explored with an ethical Jewish context using text as guidance. The below are the four main topic suggestions. The students are going to choose which concepts to study first.

* STOP THE HATE-Focus on how we relate to those who may be different and create a world view where all are accepted.

* ENVIRONMENT-Focus on ways, we as Jews, are called upon to be tenders of the earth.  How can we make the world more sustainable?

* HUNGER- Focus on the challenges in community to be sure that no one goes hungry and what can we do to help?

*SCIENCE AND JUDAISM- Focus on how we incorporate the ideas and concepts of science and how they may conflict or coexist with our faith.

8th-9th grade: Rabbi Dadoun authored this special curriculum on racial injustice specifically for the Cleveland community at the Temple. Through films, videos, art, and social media, we will ask questions and learn about different minority communities. We will cover topics like, voting, implicit bias, identity and study our law system.

We will learn what Judaism and our tradition have to say about these subjects while building to create a more tolerant world. We will have special guest speakers join our class, partner with local organizations as we bring our learning to life!

10th grade/Confirmation: Rabbi Klein will lead an exploration of the fundamentals of Judaism through biblical narrative and the moral challenges faced by the early rabbis.

11th-12th grade: Rabbi Cohen will structure an Israel-related curriculum fostered around the students’ interests. The varying topics will deal with Israeli politics, culture, and our Cleveland community’s connection to our neighbors in Israel.