Temple Learning Center (TLC)


Welcome Back!

It is going to be an exciting year at The Temple Learning Center (TLC) as we welcome Dina Rock as our new Director of Learning and welcome all of YOU back to learn, explore, pray and grow! We can’t wait for the 2021-2022 year at TLC! The time has come to safely regather as a learning community! Registration is now open!

Learn more about the various learning options to meet your family’s needs, whether pre-K or high school, as well as special programs and services.

By the time TLC begins this fall, we plan to have returned to full capacity for all meetings, services, and programs, to resume normal catering activities, and to lift the requirement for fully vaccinated individuals who are at least two weeks post-vaccination to wear masks. We will continue to ask unvaccinated members, guests, and staff to wear masks and physically distance. Those who prefer to remain masked at The Temple are welcome to do so indefinitely. These guidelines will apply to all activities at The Temple, including Temple Learning Center. Protocols will be dependent on current recommendations of the CDC and local authorities and are subject to change.



Learning at The Temple helps our students to develop a Jewish identity

The Lens: We want our children to see and experience the world through a Jewish lens. There are specific insights and perspectives that only Judaism can offer.

The Path: Judaism has a rich tradition and history. There are unique ways that Judaism teaches us how to experience the world, community and learning.

The Compass: Life is full of challenges and important decisions. We want to help strengthen our students’ Jewish compass so when there are challenges or dilemmas, their Jewish Compass will guide them to make the right choices.

Goals for Learning

  • Develop a Sense of Community
  • Create Memorable Jewish Experiences
  • Instill Jewish Values
  • Strengthen Jewish Identity
  • Deepen Jewish Knowledge
  • Develop Spiritual Connections

If you have questions or need assistance, contact Assistant Director of Learning Gloria Grischkan at ggrischkan@ttti.org or 216-455-1706.