Threads of Identity: The Biblical History Wall Hangings and the Zodiac Series by Judith Weinshall Liberman

Artist, Judith Weinshall Liberman, has spent decades examining Jewish history through her work. Her Series, “The Biblical History Wall Hangings,” features ten oversized maps, representing the relationship between the Jewish people and the Land of Israel from Abraham to Masada. These larger than life textiles utilize quilting, embroidery, and painting to reflect the grand scale of history. The exhibit includes an educational video by Liberman. The exhibit also features Lieberman’s, “Zodiac Series,” inspired by the 6th century mosaic from the Beit Alpha Synagogue near Beit She’an, Israel. A separate canvas is dedicated to each zodiac sign; placed together, the canvas tiles form a single unit mirroring a mosaic. Continuing on the theme of biblical archeology, artifacts from the Temple Museum’s collection are also on display.

  • Abraham's Journey

    Abraham's Journey

  • Assyrian Exile

    Assyrian Exile

  • Babylonian Exile

    Babylonian Exile

  • Museum Exhibit

    Museum Exhibit

  • Exodus


  • If I Forget Thee

    If I Forget Thee

  • Masada


  • O Jerusalem

    O Jerusalem

  • Return to Zion

    Return to Zion

  • Steps in the Creation of the Diaspora

    Steps in the Creation of the Diaspora

  • Zodiac Series II Arrangement of Zodiac Signs

    Zodiac Series II Arrangement of Zodiac Signs