(6064) The Temple General Endowment Fund

Creator(s): The Temple-Tifereth Israel

Purpose: Our endowment provides a reliable source of income in perpetuity. A strong endowment relieves pressure on the annual appeal because, like membership dues and school fees, the endowment provides support for the Temple’s operating budget. It funds program expansion and innovation, scholarships and dues assistance, staff positions, facility maintenance, equipment and supplies.

Summary of Use(s): Temple’s discretion

More Information: Our endowment consists of monies contributed by devoted congregants for generations, specially protected in that the money is invested and only the investment income is used to support temple programs.  A well-managed endowment sends a message of long-term stability, fiscal responsibility and financial viability which enhance the temple’s prestige and credibility.

Link to Donate: bit.ly/tttigefund

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The Temple Tomorrow campaign was undertaken to raise funds to match generous capital and endowment funds that were used for a major renovation and addition project as well as for future building maintenance. All future donations go to this Temple Endowment Fund.

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