The search for Ultimate Truth

Sadie Goldstein, getting on in years, heard there was a renowned guru in a remote corner of India. A woman of modest means, she saved for years so she could visit the wise man.

Finally, she was able to go. She endured a long international flight, an overnight train, and an exhausting bus ride. The final few miles had to be travelled on foot. As she reached the vicinity, she saw that hundreds of people were in line to have a word with the famous sage.

After standing for several hours in the hot sun, she neared the front of the line. One of the swami’s assistants, dressed in a saffron robe, approached her and said, “You will soon be ushered into the presence of the Master. As you see, countless people travel here daily to seek his wisdom, so he can only spend a precious few moments with each of them. When you enter, you may only say three words. Choose them with care.”

Finally, it was Sadie’s turn.

She stepped forward,

looked into the great guru’s eyes and said,


“Sheldon, come home!”

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