The Learning Center PK to 12th

About Us

Learning at The Temple will help our students to develop three things:

The Lens: We want our children to see and experience the world through a Jewish lens. There are specific insights and perspectives that only Judaism can offer.

The Path: Judaism has a rich tradition and history. There are unique ways that Judaism teaches us how to experience the world, community and learning.

The Compass: Life is full of challenges and important decisions. We want to help strengthen our students’ Jewish compass so when there are challenges or dilemmas, their Jewish Compass will guide them to make the right choices.

Goals for Learning:
Develop a Sense of Community
Create Memorable Jewish Experiences
Instill Jewish Values
Strengthen Jewish Identity
Deepen Jewish Knowledge
Develop Spiritual Connections

If you have questions or need help determining which program is best for your family, please contact Rabbi Stacy Schlein, Director of Learning, at 216-831-3233,