Shabbaton Update

Hello Shabbaton Community,

I am so excited to be at The Temple and get to know all of you! Thank you for your patience regarding the delay in communicating — in my first two months at The Temple, I’ve been busy learning about all the wonderful programs we offer at The Learning Center.

Every time I speak with someone about Shabbaton, I get an incredible sense of the spirit and soul that has touched every family and I want this year to be a great continuation of the learning and community building that has made Shabbaton shine.

We are planning to open The Learning Center in person on Saturday, September 11th. If you haven’t already registered, I hope you will do so today! We are continuing to closely monitor the data regarding the Delta variant and other Covid-related trends, and are in communication with our medical advisors so that we can make sure our activities are as safe as possible. Video updates of our plans for creating a safe TLC environment for our learners can be found here.

As we gather, an important part of our conversation will involve listening to all of you, hearing what you’d like to learn and discuss, and crafting our program together. Currently, our plans for a fantastic year of Shabbaton are as follows:

  • We will begin our time together as families with spirit (ruach) and song for about 20 minutes.
  • We will break out into groups for roughly 55 minutes, with parents learning together and children together. We are excited to introduce a new format for parents where each week will be “taught” by one of five people rotating throughout the year: Rabbi Klein, Rabbi Cohen, Rabbi Dadoun, Cantor Sebo, and myself. This will be a great way to learn together through different lenses and perspectives. Concurrently, the children will be engaged in learning about topics related to the Sunday Learning students.
  • We will regather as families for 10-15 minutes together for a quick snack outside  if weather permits.
  • We will once again break into our two groups and continue our learning. The adult learning format will allow for discussions on a variety of topics. Or, we may continue our conversation about the topic that was discussed in the first part of the parent learning.
  • The last 15 minutes will be for all families to gather together once again for a meaningful Havdalah service.

I am excited to see Shabbaton families in action. As we learn from each other and think deeply about our place in this world, how our history influences our present, and impacts our futures.

I hope to see you all on September 11th! If you have any questions or thoughts, I am here, please don’t hesitate to call or email.

Wishing you a wonderful New Year, with health and happiness always.

Dina Rock
Director of Learning
The Temple Tifereth Israel (email)
216-455-1721 (direct line)
216-831-3233 x133 (main)