(6084) Saul & Rosalind Biskind Family Fund

Rosalind and Saul Biskind

“My parents of blessed memory, Saul and Rosalind Biskind, lived the American dream. Together they worked hard,educated their children, cherished freedom, and acted on their belief in tikkun olam, repairing the world. This they did by always trying to help others. Both of them identified strongly with Jewish faith, culture and values, and they impressed my brothers and me with the importance of tzedakah. When they sponsored their Temple Fund, they wanted it to address social justice, specifically hunger issues. My mother remembered war time rationing in England, her homeland, and she was sensitive to the problem of people not having enough to eat. She inspired my longtime service on the national board of MAZON, a Jewish Response to Hunger.”
– Eve Biskind Klothen

Purpose: To enhance the Temple’s Hunger Project

Link to Donate: http://bit.ly/tttisrbfund