Rabbinic Search Comittee – Report on the Rabbinic Search

Rabbinic Search Committee

Report on the Rabbinic Search

As we have previously shared with the Congregation, Rabbi Block will be retiring on June 30, 2018. Accordingly, we have formed a Rabbinic Search Committee, very ably chaired by Jane Joseph and Howard Epstein, to identify potential candidates to serve as Rabbi Block’s successor as Senior Rabbi of The Temple-Tifereth Israel. Under the Temple’s Code of Regulations, the Search Committee will recommend a Senior Rabbi candidate to our Board of Trustees who will have final approval authority over the selection of the new Senior Rabbi.

The Rabbinic Search Committee is comprised of approximately 25 members of our Congregation and includes representatives from a number of groups active in our Temple. Both Temple Board members and non-Board members serve on the Committee. The members of the Committee come from a wide range of backgrounds representing both those whose families have been members of The Temple for multiple generations as well as newer members of the Congregation. The Committee members include those from diverse families and perspectives, several Temple Affiliates and Committees and a wide range of age groups from the teens to the nineties. It is also gender balanced.

The Search Committee has met twice already and developed a tentative schedule that should allow the Board to approve the selection of a new Senior Rabbi by the end of 2017, with our new Senior Rabbi to commence service at The Temple on July 1, 2018. It is anticipated that the Search Committee will identify the initial group of candidates over the summer. The screening process of this initial group of candidates will occur in the early fall, and the actual interviews of candidates will proceed after the High Holy Days this year.

The Committee will be working with multiple resources including the Union for Reform Judaism and the Central
Conference of American Rabbis. The Committee will also be reaching out to fellow congregants in a number of ways including an interactive program that will take place at this year’s Annual Meeting on June 20. We urge you to attend the Annual Meeting to participate in this special program. This will be a great opportunity for the Search Committee
to hear from our congregants and for you to lend your voice to this important decision. The members of the Search Committee will both welcome and appreciate your input. Please feel free to contact Jane or Howard, or any Search Committee member, with questions and suggestions you may have to move the search process forward. It is the
Search Committee’s desire that this process be responsive to input from our congregation and as transparent as possible.

The Temple-Tifereth Israel is a strong and vital congregation. Our vision, through the leadership of Rabbi Block, as well as our other outstanding clergy and lay leaders, has made us the warm, welcoming community we have aspired to become. With the selection of our new Senior Rabbi, we will position The Temple to continue its success, having the leadership in place to meet the challenges of our rapidly changing world.

Please make every attempt to attend the Annual Meeting on Tuesday, June 20 at 7:00 pm so you may provide your input to the Search Committee on this very important search process.
– Donald S. Scherzer, President

rabbinicsearch@ttti.org is where you may email the Rabbinic Search Committee with your feedback.