Designing a Landmark: A Visual History of The Temple Through Graphic Design, by Debbie J. Friedman

Graphic designers communicate visually. Through a combination of images, words and ideas, they convey information to an audience. Debbie J. Friedman, The Temple’s Communications Director, has been designing for The Temple for almost 20 years. With a degree from The Ohio State University in Visual Communication Design, Debbie has produced hundreds of Temple marketing materials from brochures, postcards, logos, and signage, to our monthly Temple Times newsletter. Debbie states, “the challenge is maintaining the sophisticated elegance of The Temple’s rich past while creating new ideas to keep it current. Retaining a style and a recognizable image for The Temple while developing attractive materials is what I strive for.”

A few months ago, Debbie was presenting new logo concepts for The Temple Museum to Rabbi Block and a few members of the museum committee. Rabbi Block didn’t see the logo designs as just images – he saw them as art. He thought it would be interesting to see the “art” that has branded The Temple over the years  in the form of a design exhibit. Rabbi Block’s suggestion happened to come at the same time that David Sebo, Cantor Kathy’s son, began working with Debbie Friedman for his senior project. David is graduating from Orange High School and looking forward to pursuing his education in the field of graphic design at Ohio  University next year. Debbie, with David’s invaluable assistance, collected a plethora of samples from the past 20 years and created this exhibition of printed materials and logo designs from The Temple-Tifereth Israel.