Paintball Portraits by Shana Siegel

Location: Chapel Corridor

Dates: December 3, 2017-January 12, 2018

Siegel is a Brooklyn, New York painter, illustrator and muralist who grew up at The Temple-Tifereth Israel. Her family has been members for three generations. Shana became a Bat Mitzvah in 1995, was confirmed in 1998 and graduated from The Temple High School in 1998.

When asked about the Paintball Portraits series she explains, “They began as an experiment that was attempting to “snipe” images and street art into existence. The images are created on heavy watercolor paper shot with paintballs. Once the paintball goop has cured, the face shape can be carved away then painted in acrylic by hand. Since the materials crumble, the pieces are photographed and exist only as prints.”

One series, Rabbi Paintball Portraits, is based on a set of collectible trading cards, Heroes of the Torah, which were printed in 1973, and features the serious countenances of the Gadolim, the most revered Rabbis in the Hasidic Jewish community. The other series, 18th Century Paintball Portraits, features delicate historic images emerging from contemporary, bold, saturated colors of paintball goop. The paintings were created in 2013-14 at the Riverbend Farm in Cleveland thanks to the generosity of the Reitman family.

Shana earned her BFA in illustration from the Rochester Institute of Technology but her real education comes from working as a theatrical scenic artist, which she describes as the art of out-smarting materials, time and budget. This work includes the off-Broadway production of Fela, runways for Isaac Mizrahi, Philip Lim and Diane Von Furstenberg, as well as stop-animation sets for SNL TV Funhouse. She is currently working on the set of “The Good Fight” on CBS. She also is currently writing and illustrating an epic science fiction comic book series.