The Temple is a warm, welcoming synagogue family where each person matters. Members of The Temple become part of a community – a community that prays together, studies together, learns together. We teach each other, eat together and enjoy each other’s company. We celebrate births and mourn deaths together. We revel in our families’ successes and we provide supportive shoulders when, inevitably, life’s twists and turns surprise us. We support each other – as a community and as a family.

Whether you are a young adult looking to share Jewish experiences with new friends, a young couple preparing for marriage, a family with small children looking ahead to religious school, or an adult wanting to renew or build a connection to a synagogue community, The Temple provides a safe place to build relationships, a rich array of worship experiences, and exciting possibilities for deepening our knowledge of and love for things Jewish.

For more information please complete the Request for Membership Information form or contact Allison Shippy, Director of Member Services by phone at (216) 455-1703 or by email at ashippy@ttti.org.

Link to our Online Dues Center for Financial Re-Commitment Form, Dues Payment Form, Building Fund Payment Form, and Confidential Dues Adjustment Form.

Priceless Dues Program

We are excited to extend to you the opportunity to participate in our PRICELESS dues program. PRICELESS encourages you to experience what it is like to be a part of The Temple for the first year on your terms. This very special initiative is only available to those who have not been affiliated with a local congregation during the past year. If you are eligible, you will determine your dues commitment for the first year of membership while enjoying all the benefits and privileges of membership at The Temple.

Please Click Here to complete the PRICELESS online contact form. Allison Shippy, our Membership Director will follow up with you immediately.

We look forward to welcoming you to The Temple family. Please feel free to contact Allison if you have any additional questions. She can be reached at (216) 455-1703 or email ashippy@ttti.org


College Connection Program

Put a smile on someone’s face! Find out about our College Connection program!

A few times a year through the support of The Temple’s Florence J. Krasner College Connection Fund, we are able to send holiday packages to our Temple “kids” who are away from home. They receive holiday themed treats and “chotchkies” but the personal notes from their Rabbis and Cantor is overwhelmingly their favorite part of this gift. Throughout the year we compile the names, email and mailing addresses of our Temple kids. Please help us stay connected. If you want to add your kids’ names to our list or if you have any questions about our College Connect program, please contact Allison Shippy, Director of Member Services, at ashippy@ttti.org , fill out this form, or call Allison at (216) 455-1703.

*One of The Temple’s primary missions is making membership possible for all those wishing to affiliate. It is our policy to never turn away a member because of his or her inability to pay standard dues.