March 2018 Temple Times Article


We hope you received our letter to the congregation introducing our Task Force, The Rabbinic Transition committee (RTC), and its goals. We plan to use this space to update you regularly on the Rabbinic transition, and in between the Temple Times issues, we will communicate using the E-Times and our website. We will take those opportunities to help you get to know our incoming Senior Rabbi.

Rabbi Cohen began meeting with congregants during his first visit in mid-January. While here he had the opportunity to visit Ganon Gil and be our guest at Shabbat services and meet many more at the Oneg. He also began meeting with other clergy, staf f and temple leaders. We are planning to schedule many more opportunities on his upcoming visits.With advance notice, he’ll be visiting all of our affiliates and affinity groups. Please let us know if you are interested in meeting Rabbi Cohen in a small group setting. contact us at, and we will make the arrangements.

As previously shared, the RTC’s goals are to:

• help The Temple and its congregation with the transition
• help Rabbi cohen and his family feel welcome while they learn about our rich history, traditions and dynamic culture of imagination and innovation
• be supportive and loving of Rabbi Block and Rabbi Haim

As Rabbi Block stated in last month’s Temple Times in his “From the Rabbi’s Study” column, “Our beloved Temple is in a challenging period of transition, resonant with both pain and promise, like life itself.” The RTC is committed to helping our congregation find its footing and continue going from strength to strength. We encourage you to use our new email address,, to contact us with any concerns, comments, or suggestions.
– Jeanne Tobin and Gregg Levine, Co-chairs, RTC