L’Chvod: To Honor, Temple artists Elizabeth Bennet Stern and Heather Ross-Lowenstein

Location: Upper Hartzmark

Dates: August 27-November 24, 2017

We are very proud to exhibit the work of two Temple artists, Elizabeth Stern and Heather Ross-Lowenstein, who have been 2017 Fellows of the Cleveland Jewish Arts and Culture Lab, a program of the Mandel JCC. L’CHVOD: To Honor presents two bodies of work that evolved from Jewish study and a deep and collaborative friendship. Stern and Ross-Lowenstein are mental health professionals who met when their first-borns attended JCC Preschool. They became close during their years in the Temple’s Shabbaton program, and discovered shared interests in many things. Inspired to apply for the artistic fellowship together, they developed a working relationship that includes late night photo-sharing of works in progress, studio visits and a wonderful synchronicity of new ideas. Though the artists work with very different media, they are constantly surprised at the parallel process that is evolving.