Ketubot From Temple Congregants

Historically, the Ketubah is a legal document that details the husband’s obligations to his wife. The wording of the Ketubah has changed over time, but at its core, traditionally it determines that the husband promises to feed, support and respect his wife throughout their marriage and, if the marriage should end due to death or divorce, the wife is assured a predetermined sum of money. At least two witnesses, who must be present at the marriage ceremony, are required to sign the Ketubah, attesting it its contents. The Ketubah is written in Aramaic, an ancient Semitic language related to Hebrew.

The wording of contemporary Ketubot has evolved to have language that reflects mutual agreement and love, and to include same sex marriage.

The array of beautiful Ketubah begins is vast, Couples can commission a unique Ketubah from an artist, a gallery, or the internet to select from hundreds of designs that incorporate Jewish symbols, nature, and tokens of love.

We thank our Temple congregation for generously sharing their Ketubot, wedding pictures and memories of their special day.

Currated by Candace Anker and Marlene Whitman, Members of The Temple Museum Committee


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Ketubot Lecture by Members of Our Congregation