July 2018 Temple Times Article

Dear Congregants,

As you know, Rabbi Jonathan Cohen will begin his Rabbinate here on July 1. When the Cohens arrive in Cleveland, our work will evolve from “Transition” to “Integration,” and your participation will be critical to the success of this process. The members of the Rabbinic Transition/Integration Committee, working with Rabbi Cohen, have developed a plan to introduce our new Senior Rabbi to the Congregation. The goal is to create opportunities for all congregants to meet him and his family between July 1 and the High Holy Days.

We will also schedule some smaller group opportunities, reaching out to Temple Affiliates and various gatherings of friends and interest groups. We will continue planning for one-on-one meetings, as requested. If you contacted the Rabbinic Transition Committee previously and requested a meeting, we will reach out to you. We invite all of you to continue to contact us with your requests.

We want to reach as many congregants in as many different ways as possible. July events are listed below. We are planning more opportunities in August to meet with Rabbi Cohen, and soon we will share a video with you, introducing him online to the Congregation. You will find all the details in The Temple Times, the E-Times and special emails. We welcome your suggestions, comments, and meeting requests through our email address, RabbinicTransition@ttti.org.

Have a safe and enjoyable summer, Jeanne Tobin and Gregg Levine, Co-Chairs, RTC