II. Introduction

The Jewish approach to death and mourning is guided by four basic principles:

1. Recognition of the reality of death
2. Moderation in grief
3. Respect for the dead
4. Equality in death

It is in accordance with these principles that the laws, customs and practices of Judaism have developed. These reflect, in turn, the wisdom and the spiritual and psychological insights of generations of Jewish scholars and lay people. The recommendations and background provided here are set forth as a tribute to those who prepared the way for us.


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          1. Foreword
          2. Introduction
          3. Before Death Comes
          4. In Time Of Illness
          5. From The Time Of Death To The Funeral Service
          6. Making Funeral Arrangements
          7. The Funeral/Memorial Service And Burial/Interment
          8. After The Funeral And Interment
          9. Mourning Observances
          10. After Shiva
          11. Resources
          12. Bibliography
          13. Acknowledgements