In This House (Babayit Hazeh): Selections Old and New From The Temple Museum of Jewish Art, Religion and Culture and The Temple Archives

Location: Hartzmark Center

Dates: September 11, 2016-January 27, 2017

In This House celebrates The Temple’s prestigious history and new beginnings through ceremonial objects. The exhibition explores our renowned museum collection through 18 pairs of objects that have been selected to represent the vital cultural and religious history of our congregation. Photographs from The Temple Archives chronicle our houses of worship from our first building in 1955 through the present.

At the heart of our religious observance are objects of historical significance and rare beauty. The treasured pairs displayed here reveal the principle of Hiddur Mitzvah. These beautifully adorned ceremonial objects elevate our religious observance with an aesthetic dimension. Here they represent the central role our museum collections hold in the lives, customs and religious practice of this congregation. In celebration of TempleTomorrow, we present these objects to honor the past, present and future.

Rabbi Abba Hillel Silver established the museum in 1950 on the occasion of The Temple’s 100th anniversary. From a small collection of historic Judaica, the museum has grown to include more than 1800 items encompassing contemporary Judaica, as well as fine art, Israeli stamps and antiquities. Through the museum’s work, we continue to collect, document and preserve these treasures for generations to come.