High Holy Day Resource List

Juvenile Literature

Axe-Bronk, Susan. The Vanishing Gourds: a Sukkot Mystery. Ill. by Marta Monelli. Minneapolis: Kar-Ben, 2012. Sara and her brother, Avi, to try to discover why the gourds keep vanishing from their family’s sukkah. (For pre-school-grade 2.)

Balsley, Tilda. Oh, No, Jonah!Ill. by Jago. Minneapolis: Kar-Ben, 2012. The Bible story of Jonah and the Great Fish (better known as Jonah and the Whale) is retold in rhyme.( For kindergarten-grade 3.)

Cohen, Deborah Bodin. Minneapolis: Kar-Ben. Ill. by Shahar Kober. ( For preschool-grade 1.)

  • Engineer Ari and the Rosh Hashanah Ride. (2008.
  • Engineer Ari and the Sukkah Express, (2010.)

Greene, Jacqueline Dunbar.The Secret Shofar of Barcelona. Ill. by Dough Chayka. Minneapolis. Kar-Ben, 2009.

The story is based on a legend of the Spanish Jewish community  in the 16th century. The conductor Don Fernando, a converso, has his son sound the shofar as part of a band concert for the public.In actuality, he was celebrating the Jewish New Year without any  of the Spanish villagers aware of it.

Heiligman, Deborah. Celebrate Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur with Honey, Prayers and the Shofar. Holidays Around the World Series. Washington, D.C. National Geographic, 2007.

Features full-page photographs of Jews celebrating Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur in different countries including Mexico, India, United States, Ukraine, Israel, Morocco, Portugal and Zimbawe. (For grades 1-4.)

Jules, Jacqueline. The Hardest Word: A Yom Kippur Story.ill. by Katherine Janus Kahn. Rockville, MD: Kar-Ben, 2001.

The Ziz is a huge bird who is clumsy but has a good heart, He accidently destroys  the children’s vegetable garden at the synagogue,  and when he asks God for advice, he learns the importance of apologizing.( for Kindergarten-grade 3.)

Jules, Jacqueline. What a Way to Start a New Year! A Rosh Hashanah Story. Ill. by Judy Stead. Minneapolis: Kar-Ben, 2013. Dina and Harry move at the time of Rosh Hashanah. Their interfaith parents do not observe the holiday in their home.They miss celebrating the holiday with their former neighbors, but a series of events leads  to a happy ending with new friends and delicious holiday food.(For kindergarten-grade 2)

Kimmel, Eric. The Mysterious Guests: a Sukkot Story, Ill. by Katya Krenina. New York: Holiday House,, 2008.

This is based on the midrash where Abraham, Isaac and Jacob visit people on  Sukkot disguised as mysterious guests.Depending on how they are treated, the people are blessed or punished. (For grades 1-3.)

Kimmelman, Leslie. Sound the Shofar! A Story for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Ill. by John Himmelman.Harper-Coillins, 2001.

Uncle Jake gets to blow the shofar twice within ten days, as the family celebrates first Rosh Hashanah and then Yom Kippur. ( For pre-school-grade 1.)

Korngold, Jamie. Sadie’s Sukkah Breakfast. Ill. by Julie Fortenberry. Minneapolis: Kar-Ben, 2011

Waking up early on Sukkot, Sadie and Ori decide to serve breakfast in the sukkah.But when the table is set and the food is ready, they remember that a sukkah celebration needs guests.Noone is awake, so who should they invite? (For preschool and kindergarten.)

Koster, Gloria. Mitzi’s Mitzvah. Ill. by Holli Conger. Minneapolis: Kar-Ben, 2013.

Rhyming text describe a family and their dog doing a mitzvah (good deed) visiting a nursing home on Rosh Hashanah. (For preschool and kindergarten.)

Marshall, Linda. Talia amd the Rude Vegetables. Ill. by Francesca Assirelli. Minneapolis:Kar-Ben, 2011.

How can a vegetable be “rude?”Talia wonders when she mis- hears her grandmother asking her to gather “root” vegetables for a Rosh Hashanah stew. (For pre-schoold-grade 2.)

Ofanansky, Allison. Photos by Eliyahu Alpern. Minneapolis:Kar-Ben. (For pre-school-grade 4.)

  • Sukkot Treasure Hunt. (2009.)
  • What’s the Buzz? Honey for a Sweet New Year. (2011.)

Rouss, Sylvia A. Sammy Spider Series. ill. by Katherine Janus Kahn. Minneapolis: Kar-Ben. (For preschool-grade 2.)

  • Sammy Spider’s First Rosh Hashanah.1996.
  • Sammy Spider’s Simchat Torah. 2010.
  • Sammy Spider’s First Sukkot. 2004.
  • Sammy Spider’s First Yom Kippur. 2013.

Rouss, Sylvia A. and Rouss, Shannon. A Watermelon in the Sukkah. Ill. by Ann Iosa. Minneapolis:Kar-Ben, 2013.

Michael brings a watermelon to hang in his class sukkah! ( Fo preschool- grade 2.)

Schnur, Susan and Schnur-Fishman, Anna. Tashlich at Turtle Rock.  Ill. by Alex Steele-Morgan. Minneapolis: Kar-Ben, 2013.

On the afternoon of Rosh Hashanah, Annie and her family go on a hike to Turtle Creek for tashlich. When they arrive at Turtle Creek, they throw bread crumbs in the water to represent their actions they regretted in the past year. (For grades 1-4.)

Wayland, April Halprin. New Year at the Pier. Ill. by Stephane Jorisch. New York: Dial, 2009.

Izzy atones for his sins  over the past year by partaking in the tashlich ceremony during Rosh Hashanah. He apologizes at school, home, and finally with all of the congregation as they gather at an ocean pier to throw crumbs into the water, (For grades 1-4.)

DVD: Shalom Sesame, Israel: SISU / Sesame Workshop, 2010. Approimately 30 minutes. (For pre-school-grade 2.)

  • The Sticky Shofar.
  • Monsters in the Sukkah.