Guiding Principles

Jewish learning at The Temple should . . .

…teach Jewish values and model their practice through study, prayer and deeds of lovingkindness, holiday and life cycle observances and celebrations.

…foster spiritual growth and the search for God, as understood by each individual.

…develop an understanding of Jewish history and its significance.

…inculcate the Jewish vision of a just, compassionate society and provide opportunities to help create such a society as individuals and a community.

…nurture a love of and a commitment to the State of Israel, its land and people, and encourage and facilitate the experience of Israel.

…use and value Hebrew as the language of Jewish tradition, prayer and identity.

…explore the richness of Jewish culture through the ages in art, literature, and music.

…promote appreciation of the diversity of Jewish beliefs and practices and connections to the Jewish People as a whole.

…introduce learners to the basic tenets and practices of other religions and their similarities to and differences from Judaism.

…convey an understanding of Reform Judaism, its history, development, diversity, and values, and encourage the taking on of obligations as a Reform Jew.

…stimulate active participation in a Jewish community and beyond.

…exhibit a passion for and inspire a commitment to text study and lifelong Jewish learning.

…motivate and empower learners to transmit the Jewish heritage to future generations.