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Your steadfast support of the All In Campaign demonstrates your commitment to keeping The Temple vibrant and strong, both financially and spiritually. The Temple connects us to our own place in the world, our place in history and our place in the life of our community.

How has The Temple been able to maintain its position as an inspiring, strong and unique congregation for more than 160 years? 

It’s YOU, your family and friends. It’s our clergy, our worship, educational and cultural opportunities. It’s the connections and the relationships that make us who we are, building on the past and present for our future.  

Your gift to the All In Campaign enables The Temple to remain fiscally sound and maintain and improve the programs, education and events that you have come to appreciate and expect. This year our goal is to raise $400,000. Do you know that The Temple’s annual operating costs are roughly $3,691 per membership while standard dues with security fee are $2,308 per membership? Your “fair share” gift helps bridge this gap. It also allows The Temple to fulfill its mission of never turning away a member because of an inability to pay our standard dues.

We thank you again for your support and appreciate your generosity as you consider your 2019-2020 gift. 

With gratitude and best wishes for a happy, healthy, sweet and peaceful New Year.
Rachel Feinleib and Dina Rock
19-20 All In Co-Chairs

Thank you to our 2019-2020* donors for being All In!

*as of 1.8.20

Trish and Mark Adler

Linda Angart

Paul Angart

Candy Anker-Roehl

Stacy and Kyle Anthony

Leslye and Keith Arian

Rachel and Scott Arnopolin

Mimi Arnstine

Joanne and Robb Balantzow

Susan and Roger Bamberger

Cathy and Dr. Paul Becker

Marilyn Bedol

Viia Beechler

Nancy and Larry Bell

Ron Bell

Eveline and Errol Bellon

Susan and Steve Belman

Cheryl and Todd Bendis

Susan and John Benedejcic

Elaine Bercu

Elaine Berg

Drs. Sosamma and Nathan Berger

Sharon and Richard Berger

Ruth Berger

Connie Berland

Janice and Gary Bilchik

Eileen and Robert Blattner

Marilyn and Larry Blaustein

Susie and Rabbi Richard Block

 E.J. Bloom

Anna and Jeff Boardman

Sherry Kim and Scott Bogard

Carole and Bart Bookatz

Toby and Beau Bourisseau

Holly and Bill Boykin

Barbara and Barry Brouman

Debbra and Jim Brown

Kim Cole and Jeff Brown

Leslie and Richard Brown

Marni and Rick Bucchieri

Richard M. Burk

Lois Butler

Margo Vinney and Jeffrey Chaitoff

Susan Chalfin

Kaye and Dr. Mel Chavinson

Bonnie T. Chizek

Karen Rosenblum-Clar and David Clar

Yael and Jonathan Cohen

Leslie Cohen

Bonnie and Michael Cole

Vicki and Tom Coss

Drs. Lisa Gelles and  Jay Costantini

Sara and Brad Coven

Liza and Larry Coven

Deborah Cowan and Michael Berman

Julie and Jeffrey Cristal

Sondra and Tom Cristal

Susan and Robert Curtis

Morrie Dannenhirsh

Jill and Brad Davidson

Bobbi Tuber and Jack Davidson

Andi and Bob Davidson

Gerald B. Davis

Jane and Jay Davis

Lisa and Scott Davis

Linda and Brad Demsey

Patti Dery

Cindy Dettelbach

Sharon and Charles Deutchman

Carol and Burt Deutsch

Deedra Dolin

Bonnie and Mel Dolin

Dr. Doris Donnelly

Jean and Robert Dreifort

Rosanne Druian

Leslie and John Dunn

Wayne Easthon and Rabbi Susan Easthon-Stone

Kathryn and Richard Edelman

Emily and Howard Edelstein

Carol K. Eisenberg

Danielle and Jon Eisenberg

Wendy and Gene Elconin

Jane Joseph and Robert Elson

Gregg Levine and Dr. Howard Epstein

Natalie Epstein

Margie Evans

Lisa and Richard Falkenberg

Carol Faulb

Marcia and Bob Fein

Rachel and Dr. Steven Feinleib

Wendy and Richard Feldman

LuAnne and Ron Fisher

Eleanor Leahy and Eric Forman

Chris Fox and William Pennington

Sandy and Joy Fox

Rita and Burt Frankel

Carol A. Frankel

Sheila and Merle Frankel

Barbara and Earl Franklin

Julie and Michael Frayman

Elaine and Roman Frayman

Bobbie Friedlander

Dr. Debbie Friedman

Flo Friedman

Nancy and Lawrence Friedman

Nancy S. Friedman

Stuart Friedman and Arthur Kane

Barbara and Peter Galvin

Eti and Alexander Ganin

Peggy and John Garson

Ann and Scott Garson

Shelley and Adam Gimbel

Abby and Marc Glick

JoAnn and Robert Glick

Debbi Glosserman

Harriet Goldberg

Bonnie and Lenny Goldfarb

Sarajane and Gerald Goldstein

Melvyn Goldstein

Bill Goldstein

Sally Good

Susan and Bernie Goodman

Mr. Bruce Goodman

David J. Goodman

Stephanie and John Goodman

Phyllis Goodman

Kathy and Jack Gottlieb

Jean and Michael Goulder

Joan and Robert Green

Nina and Joseph Greenberg

Gail Greenfield

Drs. Trista Onesti and Seth Greenfield

Andi and Bill Grodin

Hallie and Dan Gross

Jeff Grover

Sydney and David Gruhin

Pearl Hachen

Wendy and Richard Halle

Melanie and Andrew Halvorson

Frances Harris

Debra and Greg Harris

Dr. Toby Helfand

Vivian and Dr. Mal Henoch

Wendy and Matt Henoch

Laurie and Larry Hermann

Linda and Dr. Drew Hertz

Mary Ann and John Hexter

Elaine and John Hibshman

Meredith and Jason Hillman

Howard and Eva Hirsch

Carol and Ken Hochman

Debra and Jason Hollander

Joan and Leonard Horvitz

Jane and Michael Horvitz

Susan and Bob Hurwitz

Beth and Louis Innenberg

Dr. Erica Sharkansky and Mr. Lawrence Isaacson

Lana and Michael Jacobson

Richard Jones

Sharon Jordan and David Wallace

Kimberly and Scott Joseph

Deborah and Steven Joseph

Susan and Ronald Kahn

Ilene and Gary Kammer

Amy and Ira Kaplan

Gayleen and Sidney Kaplan

Amy and Brad Karfeld

Marilyn and Dr. Howard Karfeld

Karen and Larry Katz

Nancy and Joel Kay

Renee Keller

Debbie Kertesz

Jamie and Daniel Kessler

Nancy and Alvin Kitay

Leslie and Scott Kittredge

Anne Klein

Rabbi Roger C. Klein

Debbie and Russ Klein

Kathleen and Jim Kline

Malvina Klopman

Joan and Andrew Kohn

Nancy and Rik Kohn

Susan and Dr. Richard Koletsky

Saundra Kolt

Lenore and Harry Koppel

Wendy and David Kornbluth

Lori and David Kowit

Laura J. Kramer

Karen and Alan Krause

Barbara and Larry Kronick

Barbara Kuby

Emily Lebowitz

Alice Lefkowich

Sandi and Dick Lefkowitz

Nancy and Dr. Allan Lerner

Norma Lerner

Susan and Dr. Howard Levine

Nancy Levy and Dr. Gerald Yosowitz

Toby Lewis

Nancy and Keith Libman

Alice Licker

Jamie and Ben Light

Diane Linick

Marilyn and Nat Lipsyc

Chuck Lissauer

Linda and Dr. Jack Lissauer

Pearl and Fred Livingstone

James and Teresa Lowe

Heather and Irwin Lowenstein

Howard and Janet Mack

Larry Mack

Bill Mack

Dr. Elizabeth B. Stern and Michael Madorsky

Jennifer and Daniel Margolis

Sheila and Kevin Margolis

Carol Marshall

Lisa and Pat Martel

Drs. Patricia and Richard Martin

Rochelle and Joel Marx

Ruth and Doug Mayers

Beth and Brad Meyer

Susan and James Mezi

Tracy and David Miller

Drs. Jill and Josh Miller

Suzanne and Steven Miller

Lynn and Paul Millet

Anna and Aaron Minc

Patricia and Charles Mintz

Sharon and André Mitchell

Amy and Marc Morgenstern

Stanley W. Morgenstern

Patti and Hadley Morgenstern-Clarren

Fran and George Morris

Cookie Morris

Sharon and Jason Moses

Margie Moskovitz

John Newburger

Alan Newman

Marjorie and Dr. Art Newman

Joe Newman

Ellen and Stuart Neye

Daurine Noll

Marcy and Ed O’Connell

Maureen Ordman-Fike and Bill Fike

Karen and Michael Paull

Jane and Jerald Payner

Sandy Pearl

Cathy Pearlman

Stefanie Peck and Dr. Sam Friedlander

Diane Peltz

Barbara Peskin

Jim Peskin

Kim and Paul Pesses

Debbie and Roy Phelan

Nancy S. Pickus

Jane and Rob Platt

Miriam and Martin Plax

Nancy and David Polk

Dr. Sheri Sage-Ponitz and Dr. Keith Ponitz

Ida Post

Sharon and Paul Priesand

Anita and Michael Pupa

Christine and David Raven

Susan and Brett Regal

Eric J. Rivchun

Erica and Geraldo Rivera

Joan and Rick Rivitz

Barbara S. Robinson

Dina and David Rock

Jodi and Michael Rogoff

Marcia and Arthur Rosenbaum

Lynn and Dr. Fred Rosenberg

Bobby and Dick Rosner

Mary Triest and Charles Ross

Elliot B. Ross

Sally and Howard Ross

Sally and Mel Ross

Dr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Ross

Betty Rosskamm

Sharon and Dr. Allen Roth

Marjorie and Richard Roth

Tal and Brian Rothstein

Mary Ann and Daniel Rothstein

Jackie and Dr. Fred Rothstein

Donna and Paul Rotman

Joan and Marc Rubinstein

Marjorie Sachs

Barb and Brad Sacks

Ilene and David Saginor

Ellen F. Saltz

Dana and David Saltzman

Shelly and Mark Saltzman

Gary Salzinger

Linda and Bob Sanders

Anita and Andrew Sandor

Jami and Jonathan Schaefer

Faith and Sheldon Schaffer

Elizabeth Dery and Steven Schecter

Toni and Don Scherzer

Andrea and Dr. Adrian Schnall

Marcia R. Schumann

Sarah and Rick Schwartz

Cantor Kathy and Rommie Sebo

Roslyn Seed

Dr. Warren Selman

Drs. Ximena Valdes-Sessler and Daniel Sessler

Kimberley and David Sewell

Maude and Dr. Mel Shafron

Katie and Michael Shames

Gary and Mary Ann Shamis

Helen and Fred Shapiro

Judi and Geoff Shapiro

Ina Sharkansky

Ronna Sherman

Allison Shippy

Lynne and Jim Shlonsky

Ruth and Dr. Daniel Shoskes

Harriet and Burt Siebert

Toby and Jay Siegel

Sarah Gabinet and John Siegel

Melissa and Nate Siegel

Melinda and Dr. Daniel Silver

Natalie and Ted Silverberg

Judy and Alan Sims

Naomi and Ed Singer

Geri and Harry Singer

Dr. Anne and Jay Singer

Suzanne and Egon Singerman

Edie and Bernie Smith

Rabbi Stacy Schlein and Jeremy Sosin

Dr. Meryl and Prof. Melissa Soto-Schwartz

Ronna Spacone

Karen and Keith Spero

Jody and Scott Spero

Myrna and Jim Spira

Stacey Steggert and Polly Karr

Gail and David Stein

Nanci and Earl Stein

Jan and Bill Stern

Louise and Lewis Sternberg

Lester Stoller

Lori and Jim Stone

Eugenia and Dr. Ron Strauss

Ginny Sukenik

Bruce Tallisman

Terry and Dr. Evan Tetelman

Kittie Warshawsky and Timothy Tibbitts

Jeanne and Dr. Jordan Tobin

Margot and Adie Tomer

Suzanne and Bill Utley

Kathy Marsh and Dr. Vladimir Vekstein

Drs. Inna and Felix Vilinsky

Linda and Les Vinney

Peggy and Michael Wager

Joyce and Eric Wald

Lee Warshawsky

Dr. Daniel T. Weidenthal

Bud Weidenthal

Jacqueline Weiner

Danielle and Michael Weiner

Sheila Weinstock

Eleanor J. Weisman

Debbie and Jim Weisman

Ina White

Marlene and Eric Whitman

Eileen and Jim Wilkoff

Erica and Scott Wilkov

Leroy and Cyndi Wilson

Lauren and Dr. Norton Winer

Leslie and Andy Wolfe

Dr. Paula Silverman and Robert Wolff

Claudia C. Woods

Christie Yonkers and Sagi Shilo

Cathy and Brian Zbanek

Sandy Zieve

Marty Zinamon

Giving Logo

We are grateful to our congregants and friends whose support makes a difference every day in worship, in education, in social action, in arts and music programming, for all generations. We welcome you to learn more about our giving opportunities below:

Make a tribute gift in honor or in memory of a loved one

Fund Focus
Funds are established by Congregants and other donors in order to:
– Honor or memorialize loved ones
– Support a program or activity which is especially meaningful to them
– Create a lasting legacy at The Temple
– Model for others the positive impact of philanthropy on our Congregation
A signed fund agreement is required to establish a fund. Gifts are acknowledged with a formal tax letter and are listed in monthly issues of the Temple Times. All funds are listed on our website so that fund sponsors as well as others may make ongoing contributions to them. From time to time, these funds, the motivation of the sponsors, and the use of the funds to support programs or activities are featured in the Temple Times and on our website. Fund sponsors receive an annual Fund Activity Report. All funds are held by The Temple Tifereth Israel, and are invested, currently in large part with the Jewish Federation of Cleveland’s investment pool.
Tribute Funds may be established with a minimum gift of $5,000. As to spending, both principal and/or investment income generated by the Fund may be used for the purpose specified without limitation.
Endowment Funds may be established with a minimum gift of $10,000 paid over a maximum of two years. Principal may not be spent, so spending for the specified purpose must come from investment income generated by the Fund and is limited to a formula approximating 5% of the Fund so that the Fund will continue to grow.