By Force & By Choice

Location: Hartzmark Center

Dates: September 16, 2017-January 12, 2018

“America, known as the ‘land of opportunities’, is often a destination for those in need of a new home. Some need it more than others but not everyone has a choice. While immigrants are individuals who choose to live permanently in a foreign country, refugees are forced to leave their land to escape war and persecution. In the exhibition, BY FORCE & BY CHOICE, I turn my lens and my ear to focus on immigrants and refugees. These photographic portraits let you see a glimpse of the individuals who live in urban areas of Cleveland. Barriers such as language can make integrating into the community difficult but not impossible. Thanks to dedicated organizations, individuals can receive vital education and job training that help them adjust to their new lives in the United States.” – Amber N. Ford

The photographs in BY FORCE & BY CHOICE help us connect and learn about some of the individuals who have had to leave their countries and have moved and resettled in Cleveland. Photographer Amber N. Ford reached out to local organizations to meet immigrants and refugees. Her portraits are about identity and are a collaborative engagement that allows her to interact with others.