B’nai Mitzvah

Bar/Bat Mitzvah students are moving from childhood to adulthood, from learning to be responsible to being responsible. As son or daughter of the commandments, they commit themselves to be proud members of our ancient people.

The words Bar/Bat Mitzvah mean “one who is responsible for religious obligations (mitzvot).” Hence, Jewish adulthood is attained by accepting the responsibilities and obligations of living as a Jew.  We know that preparing for Bar/Bat Mitzvah can be an intense and emotional time for families. Please know that we are here to help!

Dates for the ceremony are assigned approximately three years before the child’s thirteenth birthday.  A congregational meeting is held based on your child’s year of birth to help orient parents.  Additionally, your rabbis and cantor are always available to answer questions.


3 years Scheduling Meeting for B’nai Mitzvah Date Selection
Parents Clergy
1 year 6th Grade B’nai Workshop
Child Receives Torah Portion
(Early February)
 Parents & Student Clergy & Cantor
6-9 months  Tutoring Assignments Student  Call from Cantor
3 months  Receipt of letter with rabbinic assignment and rehearsal times  Student  Clergy
 Parents call to Set up Family Meeting  Parents & Student Assigned Clergy
2.5 weeks  First Rehearsal  Student  Cantor
Week Of Second Rehearsal  Student Clergy