The Temple Museum of Jewish Art, Religion, and Culture

In this age of reinventing oneself after 60, The Temple Museum of Religious Art (over 63 years old!) is getting some “work done!” We have changed our name to The Temple Museum of Jewish Art, Religion and Culture to reflect our brand new mission:

As one of the first museums of Judaica in North America, The Temple Museum of Jewish Art, Religion and Culture preserves and interprets, for our congregation and the larger community, a collection of artifacts and fine art that embodies the Jewish experience from ancient to present times throughout the world. As a vital cultural resource, we inspire, engage and educate people through exhibition, public programs and outreach.

Last year, under the leadership of museum consultant, Christine Fowler Shearer, The Temple Museum Task Force worked energetically, completing 15 organizational meetings in ten months that culminated in an inspiring  and challenging five-year strategic plan. In addition, we were awarded a Museum Assessment Program grant from the American Alliance of Museums and completed a rigorous examination of our museum practices with the assistance of a nationally recognized Jewish museum  professional, Marcia Zerivitz. We stand strong in stating that our focus is on connecting our museum collection to our congregation and community through education and engagement.

Debbie J. Friedman, The Temple’s Director of Communications, designed the vibrant new logo using our new name and incorporating one of the Arthur Szyk stained glass memorial windows into the design. Szyk was commissioned to create these windows by Rabbi Abba Hillel Silver in 1947 to memorialize the 22 men from our congregation who died fighting for our country in World War II. These are the only stained glass windows that Szyk created.

The Temple Museum collection includes over 1500 objects, both ritual and fine arts. The collection is now displayed at The Temple in Beachwood and at The Temple-Tifereth Israel Gallery at the Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage. Temple members and their families are welcome into our gallery at the Maltz Museum free of cost to visit and learn from our collection. There are continuous rotating museum exhibits from our collection at The Temple Beachwood in the Sanctuary Loggia and the Hartzmark Room.

We recently relocated all of the museum objects to Beachwood, in a new state-of-the-art Museum Storage Room, equipped with humidity and temperature control. Visitors are welcome to visit our artifacts (white gloves for all!) – just make an appointment with Sue Koletsky.

Please visit the Museum page on the new Temple website. We will be posting Museum events and exhibitions as well as ways to get involved with Museum programs and projects.

Our new Museum Committee, under the leadership of chairperson Dr. Elizabeth Stern, has 17 members including Bonnie Dolin, Suzanne Fisher, Dan Gross, Rachel Gross, Susan Kahn, Stan Morgenstern, Margie Moskovitz, Augie Napoli, Dr. Arthur Newman, Iree Reich, Katie Shames, Michael Shames, Alice Simon, Wendy Wasman, Bob Allenick, and Sue Koletsky.

How unbelievably lucky we are to be able to preserve, exhibit, cherish and engage with this historic, beautiful, strong collection of artifacts that connect us to Jewish communities around the world. Please contact Sue Koletsky, Museum Director or any of the museum committee members if you are interested in getting involved with the museum collection at 216-455-1697, or .