Artwork feature is excerpted from PACE OF TIME, by Yaacov Agam Israel; 1970; Polymorph: serigraph on folded board. From the Temple Museum collection on exhibit at The Temple-Tifereth Israel Gallery at the Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage.

We Joined Together for Worship, Learning, Community and Celebration

We wrote the next chapter in our renowned congregational story and celebrated as Rabbi Jonathan Cohen was installed as the 12th Senior Rabbi of The Temple-Tifereth Israel

Friday, May 17 – Saturday, May 18, 2019

Installation Celebration Events

Friday Evening, May 17

The Installation service included sign language interpreting by congregant Karen Schiller. It is our hope that this enabled all persons to participate fully.

Clergy officiating the Installation were:

Richard A. Block, Senior Rabbi Emeritus

Rabbi David EllensonRabbi Steven A. FoxReverend Mitra Jafarzadeh

Rabbi Samuel K. JosephRabbi Jennifer LaderRabbi Sally Priesand

Rabbi Uri RegevRabbi Anna Levin RosenRabbi Julie S. Schwartz

Saturday Morning, May 18



Informed Presentations. Congregational Conversations.

Opening Sessions: 9:30 AM


Being Jewish Today

Participants Rabbi Steven Fox, Rabbi Samuel Joseph, Rabbi Jennifer Lader, Rabbi Julie Schwartz, with Rabbi Roger Klein, Moderator discussed the following: What is our mission as Jews in the world today? What does it mean to live a Jewish life? What should it mean? What beliefs, skills, and attributes are needed to be Jewish today? What degree of Hebrew fluency is necessary? Is God optional? Is institutional affiliation vital? How should we model Jewish education for our children, our teens, and us as adults? And how do we square being the Chosen People with being part of humanity? Is it an opportunity; a responsibility; a burden?

Warm and Welcoming?

Participants Imam Ismaél Chartier, Rabbi David Ellenson, Reverend Mitra Jafarzadeh, Rabbi Michael Marmur, Rabbi Sally Priesand, and Cantor Kathy Sebo, Moderator discussed: What is our responsibility to the congregation and to each person in it? In a warm and welcoming congregation where every person matters, is there a role for distinctions among interfaith, multi-cultural, LGBTQ, racial, and ethnic minorities, and other congregants? In understanding who is a Jew? Who decides who is a Jew? Based on what factors? How does the Reform perspective on these issues differ from or align with other Jewish perspectives, perspectives in Israel, and American and world perspectives?

Our Relationship with Israel

Participants Rabbi Meir Azari, Rabbi Naamah Kelman, Rabbi Uri Regev, Rabbi Anna Levin Rosen, Rabbi Richard Block, Senior Rabbi Emeritus, and Rabbi Stacy Schlein, Moderator discussed: How does the miracle of Israel embody our Jewish values and aspirations? Are there ways in which it does not? Is that a fair and reasonable question for us to ask? How can we – Rabbi Abba Hillel Silver’s congregation – foster appreciation for Israel while creating safe settings for discussions among people with strong differences of opinion? How do we educate our youth and ourselves to wrestle with these questions with confidence? And as the Jewish population in Israel grows to exceed the Jewish population in the diaspora, what changes in our relationship with Israel emerge?

Closing Session (All Participants): 10:45 AM


Saturday Afternoon, May 18

Artist Workshop

Napoleon Maddox: 3:30 – 5:00 PM

Napoleon Maddox shared anecdotes from his body of work, highlighting the role of personal and familial narrative sharing in the continual work toward social justice and equity.

Saturday Evening, May 18


Sorg & Napoleon Maddox with Ease: 7:00 – 8:30 PM

Sorg & Napoleon Maddox brought soulful hypnotic contemporary combinations of beats, poetry and harmony. Lighting up the stage was their friend Ease, casting a color backdrop, pulling the audience in, even deeper.

Event Chairs

Heather Ross-Lowenstein & Irwin Lowenstein

Friday Evening Committee

Co-Chairs: Jeanne & Dr. Jordan Tobin • Debra & Jason Hollander

Saturday Morning Committee

Co-Chairs: Suzanne Fisher & Steve Miller • Julie & Michael Frayman

Saturday Afternoon & Evening Committee

Co-Chairs: Jamie Hardis • Katie Shames

Hospitality Committee

Chairs: Joyce & Eric Wald
Co-Chairs: Margo Vinney & Dr. Jeff Chaitoff • Margie & Dr. Art Newman

Honorary Committee

Chairs: Norma Lerner • Milton & Tamar Maltz • Morton L. Mandel