Chai Learning– Grades 7-12

Monday Madness: The Second* Monday Night of Every Month from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm all of our teens will join together for Monday Madness. Dinner will be served (and it will not be pizza) and a fun, social, and interactive programs will be hosted by TEFTY - our Senior Youth Group. Dates for 2016-2017 TBA.

7th Grade Options

Your child has the choice of attending Sunday Morning or Monday Night. The first half of the year we offer a Hebrew Lab for those with Spring B’nai Mitzvah or those who want to boost their Hebrew skills. 7th Learning continues the entire year through May.

* Sunday 9:30-10:30 Hebrew Lab (through December), 10:30-noon – 7th Learning.

* Monday 5:30-6:30 Hebrew Lab (through December), 6:30-8:00 pm - 7th Learning. 

8th to 12th Grade Options

Chai - Monday 7:00-8:00 pm.
Kallot Mitzvah Corp - is a hands-on retreat style experience for learners in grades 8-12. Each lesson is a mix of learning, fun, volunteering & teamwork. This year our focus will be on intensive Tikkun Olam learning and experiences. Sessions may include: field trips, guest speakers, art projects, and text study too. We meet six times throughout the year for four hours at a time.  Learners are asked to attend five times during the year. Dates for the 2017-2018 Year TBA. There will be a variety of Friday, Saturday and Sunday Sessions.   
Independent Study - Please call Rabbi Schlein to make arrangements 216-831-3233 ext 133

Curriculum for Chai Program

7th Grade – TEXTING
Take out your cell phones! Get ready for a scavenger hunt. Help create a meaningful school wide Tzedakah Fair. These are just a few of the exciting elements of our new 7th Grade Core Class. Our students may think they are the first generation to text. Think again! There are many powerful text messages hidden throughout the Torah. Come discover them with us. Each session will have intellectual challenges and hands on activities. Many of the sessions will integrate technology into the learning.

8TH GRADE – Members of the Tribe
Our 8th Grades will spend the semester on a quest for self and communal discovery. We will learn about what it means to be a community and specifically explore our incredible Cleveland Jewish Community.

The Israeli Experience
Students will interact with people, places, culture, and modern dilemmas facing Israel today in an effort to create a relationship with her that explores the Jewish past, present, and future. Our Shinshin, Israeli Year of Service Volunteer, will assist in teaching this course.
Whose Business Is It, Anyway?
Students discuss making ethical decisions in relationships with friends and family, in business dealings medical dilemmas, school violence and abuse. Judaism guides and directs us to make the right decisions.

Teachers: Rabbis Block, Haim, and Klein
Students study with our clergy in preparation for a meaningful ceremony marking this rite of passage into adult, faith-affirming, personal decision making. They explore the Ten Commandments, the text read at Confirmation, on the holiday of Shavuot. Studying together this trimester prepares them for the highlight of their year - their trip to New York City!

11th & 12th Grade Senior Seminar: On Monday nights our oldest students will have an opportunity to explore current events and larger questions of meaning in this fun and intensive seminar with our clergy.


Families today live busy, complicated lives. Our goal is to provide choices and guidance that match our students' schedules and interests. We understand that teens don't all connect to Judaism in the same way, nor do they all learn in the same manner. Our teen program expands the boundaries of time, place, and method of learning by offering choices for when and how students learn. Our CHAI PROGRAM is the expression of an educational Vision that inspires lifelong Jewish learning and living, and creates commitment to Jewish community. Students will choose among five core areas that connect us to Jewish living. Those five categories are: Talmud Torah - Jewish Learning, Gemilut Chasadim - Acts of Lovingkindness, Kehillah - Jewish Community Involvement/Social Interaction, Avodah - Spirituality and Me'aynai Yahadut - Seeing Contemporary Issues through a Jewish Lens.


The year is divided into two parts. The first half we have core classes and second half learners are able to choose their electives. Learners are able to sign up for the program and times that work best for them. Requirements not met during the academic year can be made up over the summer or will be carried over to the following school year and made up through Individualized Learning Projects.


NEW FAMILIES: Link to Registration

Connect with Us


Rabbi Stacy Schlein

Director of Education

(216) 831-3233, x133

Yad L'Yad - Recognizing G’milut Chasadim (acts of loving kindness) by our K-6 students

Meredith K.

Meredith K. helped during TPR.

Meredith K.

Meredith K. offered to carry her teacher's bag.

Ben L.

Ben L. helped pick up dropped items.

Cole K.

Cole K. helped when the teacher dropped papers.

Cori A.

Cori A. helped the teacher take attendance.

Zoey Z.

Zoey Z. saw her teacher needed help, so she carried her teacher's bag.

Alex S.

Alex S. helped in class.

Carly G.

Carly G. helped to carry the prayer books.

Jenna P.

Jenna P. helped in class.

Josh S.

Josh S. helped Tyler color his leaf.

Vivian A.

Vivian A. helped by taking a younger friend to the bathroom.

Evan B.

Evan B. was a good leader during Parade the Temple.

Matt P.

Matt P. opened the door and held it open for a teacher.

Sam P.

Sam P. got scissors for the teacher.

Virginia H.

Virginia H. helped by writing on the board.

Josh A.

Josh A. opened the door.

Jacob L.

Jacob L. offered to help Mrs. Saginor when she had no madrichim in class.

Miranda K.

Miranda K. helped during TPR.


Carly helped pick up something belonging to another student.

Hannah R.

Hannah R. helped in class.

Virginia H.

Virginia H. helped ease her teacher's load by carrying her bag.

Brandon L.

Brandon L. helped the visiting Parade artist.

Joshua B.

Joshua B. gave 100% effort and attention during class.

Gabby L.

Gabby L. helped stack chairs after class.

Trey D.

Trey D. brought money he found on the floor to the office.

Ryder B.

Ryder B. always waves to Cheri when he passes her.

Matt T.

Matt T. eagerly assisted the teacher in class.

Ben T.

Ben T. picked up a girl’s hat when it fell.

Amelia K.

Amelia K. helped by picking papers off the floor after class

Matthew T.

Matthew T. helped by picking up the garbage.

Miranda K.

Miranda K.

Bry S.

Bry S. helped in class.

Charlie Z.

Charlie Z. helped by picking up water bottles

Amelia K.

Amelia K. apologized to her teacher for being a little out-of-control in class.

Sabrina F.

Sabrina F. carried books for her teacher

Maxine G.

Maxine G. paid attention and contributed especially well in class.

Simon K.

Simon K. helped clean the rooms by picking up papers.

Owen B.

Owen B. helped clean up without being asked.


Elliot offered to erase the board during our game.

Lyndsey S.

Lyndsey S. helped her classmate with origami.

Taylor S.

Taylor S. was a great friend to someone in need.

Isaac K.

Isaac K. heloed in class.

Sam B.

Sam B. paid especially good attention in class and wanted to share with others.

Virginia H.

Virginia H. carried her teacher’s bag to class.

Audrey H.

Audrey H. helped when the madricha dropped the prayer books.

Isabel G.

Isabel G. helped put things away after class.

Tyler H.

Tyler H. paid full attention during class and in TPR.

Danielle S.

Danielle S. volunteered to help set up class.

Brooke K.

Brooke K helped to organize and clean up.

Robbie P.

Robbie P. helped pass out stickers when the teacher was busy.

Michael Z.

Michael Z. picked up pencils that had fallen to the ground.

Hannah R.

Hannah R. helped by checking if we had Maccabea.

Josh R.

Josh R. put away the prayer books without being asked.

Zoey Z.

Zoey Z. offered to help her teacher move her bags to the classroom.

Jack B.

Jack B. helped Tyler color his leaf.

Ben L.

Ben L. helped in class.

Kelsey C.

Kelsey C. cleaned up without being asked.

Jordan K.

Jordan K. helped clean the room.

Owen B.

Owen B helped clean up the class.

Justin K.

Justin K. helped in class.

Logan M.

Logan M. helped in class.

Talia C.

Talia C. helped clean up the classroom.

Bella S.

Bella S. offered and gave a glass of water to the person behind her in line at the water cooler.

Jonah S.

Jonah S. showed courage and knowledge in class.


Jessica was very polite to another student.


Stella reminded the madricha to turn the page.

Robbie P.

Robbie P helped by picking up the trash.

Ben L.

Ben L. helped his teacher by carrying her supplies to the classroom.

Claire O.

Claire O. brought the teacher's Temple bag.


Ashley helped the Madrich with the prayer books.

Camryn K.

Camryn K. told a classmate she was glad his cast was off and hoped he felt better.

Clair O.

Clair O. carried her teacher's bag.

Cole S.

Cole S. used his napkin to help a friend who spilled some water.

Charlie R.

Charlie R. worked very hard without distracting the other students in his class.

Hannah L.

Hannah L. paid attention and contributed in TPR.


Samantha helped her classmates pronounce Hebrew words.

Olivia M.

Olivia M. paid attention and helped others in class.

Cole K.

Cole K. put prayer books back in the right bins when they got mixed up.

Sophia S.

Sophia S. complimented the new haircut of one of her classmates.

Aliza S.

Aliza S. gave a suggestion to another student who needed help.

Maddie W.

Maddie W. helped a younger friend in class.

Cayden B.

Cayden B. helped pick up in the class.


Jacob helped clean up without being asked.

Kayla R.

Kayla R. was very eager to learn and contribute in class.

Zoey Z.

Zoey Z. helped in class.

Anna L.

Anna L. spent extra time learning her vowels so she could contribute in class.

Jason N.

Jason N. helped stack chairs after class.

Clair O.

Clair O. was very helpful by carrying her teacher's materials.

Rubin H.

Rubin H. picked up a coin that was dropped.

Nate W.

Nate W. helped carry breakfast food during the retreat.

Alex L.

Alex L. said he was sorry when he bumped into someone.

Brady S.

Brady S. held open the door for the class without being asked.

Sam P.

Sam P. graciously helped in the classroom.

Joe S.

Joe S. helped put away markers.

Jacob F.

Jacob F. spent quite a bit of time straightening up his classroom.

Caydan B.

Caydan B. helped pick up the prayer books when they fell to the floor.

Jonah C.

Jonah C. helped create "shalom bayit" by offering to work in any group where the teacher needed him.

Teddy B.

Teddy B. helped clean the room.

Brandon L.

Brandon L. apologized to a friend.

Charles Z.

Charles Z. showed his willingness to recieve extra help with Hebrew in class.


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