Summary of Activity for the Final Weeks

2016 08 19 07.59.31

As we enter the final weeks of our Temple Tomorrow Construction Project, a number of newly built and renovated areas have already opened for congregant, clergy and staff use - including our beautiful Chapel, Main Entrance, Community Commons, Silver Study, Clergy Office Suite, Administrative Suite, Social Hall, Atrium, Early Learning Center – Ganon Gil, and Kitchen.


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Doors Open!

Big Changes!


As Rabbi Klein would say – “we’re rounding third and heading for home”

  1. On Thursday (7/7) Higley begins demolition of the temporary parking lot. It will be returned to green space as part of the Outdoor Chapel. Parking will be available in any of the 3 remaining Temple lots – but please be careful to avoid parking in one of the 10 handicap spots in the center of the lot adjacent to our new main entrance – unless you have a permit. Also, please do not park in the Maltz Museum lot.
  2. The front entrance opens for use by staff, congregants and visitors beginning Thursday (7/7).
  3. Higley begins tearing down the temporary walkway on Monday morning (7/11). The door at the west end of the lobby will be inaccessible while the temporary walkway is being demolished and will be an emergency exit thereafter.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work our way through this somewhat complex transition . Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.


Bob Allenick

Executive Director
The Temple - Tifereth Israel
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Temple Tel. 216-831-3233
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Walls Going Up And More!

11132015whelfandwithdrawing We’ve been reporting about a lot of “walls going up” in recent months. Some of you are probably starting to wonder “How many times are they going to tell me that another wall has gone up!” Well, here’s our answer: Every wall that goes up brings us one step closer to realizing our dream!

Multiple trades (masonry, concrete, electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling, and carpentry) have been engaged in a lot of on-going work around the property - but much of it isn’t readily noticeable, as work shifts from the exterior to the interior of our new spaces. If you drive around in our new, large parking lots you will see that both domes are up and covered in their winter coats. There is still a lot to do to keep the weather out for the winter. The Ganon Gil wing is completely enclosed and will soon have heat!

Weather permitting, the new Ganon Gil parking lot and the road that comes in off of Shaker will get paved this week. The Ganon Gil parking lot will not be used until their new wing opens in early May, but will be useful to the contractors building out the new school’s interior. The Building Project committee has been working on various finishing components such as furniture, lighting, hardware, and audio visual equipment. The new projectors, screens and upgraded sound system in the Atrium and Social Hall are good examples of the new equipment we will eventually see throughout the building.

I will have a full report by Hanukah. Please be sure to watch the time-lapse video on the website. Wendy Helfand does such a tremendous job putting together this on-going visual history of the Project.
Project Reporter,

Chris Fox
Director of Operations
The Temple-Tifereth Israel


A picture plus over 500 words!


A picture is worth a thousand words. It’s been a busy couple of weeks. The picture capturing the inside of the Chapel dome looking out at the Entrance dome (nick-named “Baby Dome”) shows where we are in the world of domes! Watching the changes taking place around the front of the building is amazing. For a different take on the dome progress, take a look from 271! Carefully!

For this report, we’re going to update you on the progress of the four goals noted in previous reports.

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Upcoming Goals


2015 10 15 12.03whelfand.08

It is fascinating to learn how much goes into designing and constructing a building. Numerous details and broad based input needs to be carefully considered before a shovel goes in the ground.  The Temple's Building Leadership group, chaired by Bruce Goodman, and our Building Committee have invested an immense amount of time, energy - bringing their valuable knowledge into the project.  We are fortunate to have such dedicated people working for The Temple's Today and Tomorrow! 

The building is really taking shape.  From the parking lot, you can almost see how it will look when the Chapel, Clergy suite and new entrance are finished.  The outline of the walls really paint (frame) the picture.  The Ganon Gil wing is harder to see but it’s very close to being completely enclosed. 

There are several goals our contractor must meet in the next month.  These goals are driven by BEATING THE SNOW! 

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